The Easy Chicken

The Easy Chicken is a family-owned business in St. Louis, MO offering backyard chicken rental, purchase, and assistance. Many families are beginning to explore backyard farming, growing veggies and raising chickens; The Easy Chicken helps these families sift through any local requirements and regulations, get a coop, rent or purchase hens, and get started with feed, care, and egg collection! is one of the top 100 .net websites, and helps over a million visitors per month with their healthcare. The website is built on Drupal 7, and uses Domain Access, Apache Solr Search Integration, Varnish ESI, Views, and geolocation modules for much of the main functionality on the site.


Server was built to be a simple, inexpensive website and server monitor. You can monitor up to five sites and servers using HTTP status checks (making sure your web server is responding with a '200 OK' when someone requests a page) or simple pings (to make sure a server is online).

When your site goes down, you can choose to be notified by email or SMS messages (which always come from a real phone number).

Jesuit App

The Jesuit Conference liked my work on the Catholic STL app for iPhone, and asked if I could help them build a similar app for both iOS and Android. It was somewhat challenging to get everything ported over to Android from iOS, but building on my experience with the Catholic News Live app for Android, I was able to get this project done on time, with an app that works very well on both platforms.