Raspberry Pi Dramble

In 2015, after the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the second generation of Raspberry Pi computers, with a 4-core ARM processor (which is more than 6x faster than the processor used in its predecessors), I decided to buy a bunch of them to use for local Ansible testing and for presentation purposes.

The fruit of this effort is the Raspberry Pi Dramble, a cluster of Raspberry Pi computers that runs a demonstration Drupal 8 website. Software is deployed using Ansible, since it works great with Raspbian out of the box, and my roles on Ansible Galaxy install and configure a Kubernetes cluster which runs MySQL, Apache, PHP, etc.

The cluster runs a high-performance/high-availability instance of a Drupal 8 website, and is meant to demonstrate the resiliency of this setup, plus the power and ease of using Ansible to deploy software to multiple servers.

You can view all the code and configuration, along with a detailed Wiki, in the Raspberry Pi Dramble project on GitHub.

See Raspberry Pi Dramble Appearances and Presentations for more information.

  • Raspberry Pi cluster
  • Controlled through Ansible and Kubernetes
  • Testing ground for scalable and highly-available infrastructure
  • Completely open source, maintained since 2014