Jeff Geerling

Web and App Developer - St. Louis, MO

I am a creative person who builds great software. I am highly experienced in Ansible, DevOps, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud, Drupal, Magento, PHP, Javascript, website and application scalability and performance, front-end design, and plenty of other buzzwords and acronyms. I also develop native applications for iOS, Android, and macOS, and work on other fun projects. I write a lot (check out Ansible for DevOps or my blog), and read even more.

Most work I publish online is done with my own money and on my own time; you can support my work via affiliate links or tips.

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  • Strong communication skills.
    I can distill highly technical language, relate to people of various levels and backgrounds, and help people understand high-level concepts.
  • Varied technical experience.
    I’ve used every major computing platform for application development, web development, graphic design, audio and video production, and file and application serving. I am proficient using Macs, Linux servers, the command line, and (begrudgingly) Windows-based computers.
  • Design experience.
    I have a wide background in design applications for the computer, and have assisted in many design projects for organizations.
  • Web development, programming and database experience.
    I have extensive experience creating websites and applications from small business sites to large enterprise applications. I have a deep understanding of many different languages and systems, like PHP, MySQL, Apache, CentOS, Node.js, Drupal, Magento, HTML5/CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery. I also have experience in many other languages and platforms including Objective-C, C, Java, Python, Wordpress, Joomla, and various APIs using JSON, SOAP, XML, etc.
  • Sysadmin and DevOps experience.
    I am proficient in administering multi-server environments (from one to tens of servers) for web application-related hosting. I have dealt with distributed server environments using a wide variety of solutions, involving Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFormation, EC2, ECS, Digital Ocean, Linode, and other virtual hosting providers. I have also managed colocated servers and am proficient in many configuration, container, and architecture management tools, especially Ansible, Vagrant, Packer, Docker, and Kubernetes (k8s).
  • Involved in Open Source.
    I have contributed code, documentation and design work to Drupal and Ansible, and share code and ideas through GitHub and sites like StackExchange. I also extend my open source work to Catholics through my work on opensourcecatholic.com.
  • Acquia Certified Drupal Grand Master.
    I contribute to Drupal core, maintain popular Drupal themes and modules, help with Drupal support, and am intimately involved in the Drupal community.
  • Photography and Multimedia experience.
    My photos have been used in news publications, documentaries, and top tier blogs and websites. I produce high-quality, high-impact video. I've used still and video cameras with a variety of formats, and have a firm grasp on lighting, sound, and other production elements for both still and motion pictures.


Technical Consultant, Ansible by Red Hat

Durham, NC (Remote)

(2019-Present, Ansible by Red Hat)

More Details

  • Contribute to Ansible Core and Community development.
  • Increase awareness of and contribute to Kubernetes and containerized infrastructure trends and best practices.

Owner/President, Midwestern Mac, LLC

St. Louis, MO

(2009-Present, Midwestern Mac, LLC)

More Details

  • Build websites and apps (Mac, iOS, Android) for different clients and purposes.
  • Build and Manage Hosted Apache Solr search service for Drupal, integrating CRM, Linux servers, Drupal sites, and subscriptions.
  • Build and Manage Server Check.in, an online service for website and server monitoring.
  • Photographer for major St. Louis-area events, regional personalities, and products.
  • Open source contributor to projects like Drupal, Wordpress, Vagrant, Ansible, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.

Senior Technical Architect, Acquia

Boston, MA (Remote)

(2014-2019, Acquia)

More Details

  • Create amazing digital experiences using Drupal as part of Acquia's Professional Services group.
  • Lead multiple, distributed developer teams in initial build and maintenance of a major media company's Drupal 7 website.
  • Work with multiple partner development teams to build a large corporate intranet, a medical system's website, a government website, and more.
  • Assist in developing open source automation tools to support Drupal 8 project development and standardized workflows.
  • Build AWS cloud containerized infrastructure and automation for scalable Magento hosting for hundreds of high-volume Magento ecommerce stores.
  • Build and maintain Kubernetes architecture for highly scalable website and application hosting.
  • Technical Architect from 2014-2017, Senior Technical Architect from 2017-2019.

Senior Application Developer, Mercy

St. Louis, MO

(2013-2014, Mercy)

More Details

  • Work with development team on external website (with geolocation, varnish caching, solr search, and many external API integrations).
  • Work with development team on internal intranet website (especially with new features and migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7).
  • Use agile development process and methodologies.
  • Work with various teams to implement Drupal and PHP programming standards.

Chief Technical Officer, Flocknote LLC

Arlington, TX

(2011-2013, Flocknote LLC)

More Details

  • Converted legacy PHP application codebase and database to Drupal 7, migrated content into Drupal database/structure.
  • Communicated with flocknote team and end-users directly to resolve issues.
  • Built platform that sends millions of emails and text messages, manages recurring payments, integrates seamlessly with many external APIs, and handles large spikes of authenticated traffic.
  • Built strong code workflow using version control, issue tracking, testing, and a specific development -> staging -> live workflow.

Director of Web Development, Archdiocese of Saint Louis

St. Louis, MO – 314-792-7630

(2008-2011, Office of Web Development, Archdiocese of St. Louis)

More Details

  • Migrated archstl.org from Joomla to Drupal 6 (worked with Chicago-based Palantir).
  • Built online news platform for the Saint Louis Review (stlouisreview.com) in Drupal 6.
  • Constructed extensive training materials and videos for the Archdiocesan website.
  • Coordinated live video and image streaming from for Archbishop’s Installation Mass and a Bishop’s Ordination.
  • Built iOS App (Catholic STL) that integrates with online parish database, prayer listing, and news feed.
  • Built an online ID card registration system, integrated with an ID card printer and PayPal (idcards.cycstl.net).
  • Set up multiple online stores and event registration sites, including cycstl.net, stlyouth.org, catholicscoutingstl.org, and reapteam.org.

Assistant Coach, De Smet Jesuit High School

Creve Coeur, MO

(2010-2014, De Smet Volleyball)

Engineering Assistant, Infinity Broadcasting/CBS Radio

St. Louis, MO - 314-531-0000

(1999-2002, Infinity Broadcasting/CBS Radio)

More Details

  • Helped maintain and repair workstations and network servers, especially critical PCs used in recording/playback of on-air audio.
  • Helped write, edit and maintain IS Operations Manual for Y98-FM and KEZK-FM.
  • Created various websites and set up and operated Linux, Windows and Mac server and client computers.
  • Helped maintain electronics and audio equipment.

Director of Student Computer Services, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

St. Louis, MO - 314-792-6100

(2007-2008, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary)

More Details

  • Helped students and faculty with computer issues and network connectivity.
  • Set up a Student Media Server using Drupal 5 and a QuickTime Streaming Server for live event video.
  • Helped maintain electronics and audio equipment.

Director of Office of Broadcast Media, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

St. Louis, MO - 314-792-6100

(2006-2008, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary)

More Details

  • Recorded and produced Kenrick-Glennon Seminary Podcast.
  • Recorded, produced and archived video of various Seminary events.
  • Made purchasing decisions for equipment needed to record and distribute audio and video media.


Acquia Certified Grand Master

  • Acquia Certified Cloud Pro
  • Acquia Certified Back End Specialist - D8
  • Acquia Certified Front End Specialist - D8
  • Acquia Certified Developer - D8
  • Acquia Certified Site Builder - D8
  • Acquia Certified Back End Specialist - D7
  • Acquia Certified Front End Specialist - D7
  • Acquia Certified Site Builder - D7

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA)


Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

Major: Divinity and Theology
St. Louis, MO 63119
Dates attended: August 2007 - October 2008

  • Graduate-level studies
  • Maintained 3.6 GPA

Saint Louis University

Major: Philosophy and Letters
St. Louis, MO 63108
Dates attended: August 2004 - May 2007

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Profiles and Accounts

I use the alias geerlingguy across the web, on IRC, Skype, etc. Below are some of the accounts where I publish my code, thoughts, and other content: