Quick Resizer

Quick Resizer is the fastest and simplest app for resizing your images on a Mac.

In the past few years, when wanting to simply take a large picture and reduce it to a specific dimension for a website or app, I would find myself opening up Photoshop, saving for web, changing the dimensions, and quitting Photoshop. This operation took at least 10-20 seconds (even on my speedy SSD-based MacBook Pro!), and at least five or six clicks and button presses.

Before I Do

Before I Do is a wedding and event planning service in St. Louis, MO.

I helped this developing small business with their online presence by building a flexible and easily customizable website built on top of Drupal 7. I spent a lot of time making sure that everything was easy to use and manage, as the small business owner who would be managing content on the website didn't have a lot of time to spend learning another new software system.


flocknote is a simple online application to send email newsletters and text messages to your flock. It was built entirely on Drupal 7, and contains many API integrations, custom modules, and theme layer customizations that help flocknote handle hundreds of thousands of communications per day.


Honeypot uses both the honeypot and timestamp methods of deterring spam bots from completing forms on your Drupal site.

A lot of people use form spam prevention methods like CAPTCHAs or math problems that require extra user interaction, and cause some users to have trouble filling out online forms. For most small sites, something as complicated as a CAPTCHA is not really necessary anyways. Therefore, I wrote the Honeypot module, which adds invisible form elements to selected forms, and checks to make sure the form elements are not filled out by spam bots.