Ansible for Kubernetes

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Ansible is a powerful infrastructure automation tool. Kubernetes is a powerful application deployment platform. Learn how to use these tools to automate massively-scalable, highly-available infrastructure.

This book takes users on an automation journey—from building your first Kubernetes cluster with Ansible's help, to deploying and maintaining real-world, massively-scalable and highly-available applications.

Temperature Monitoring App

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DS18B20 1-wire temperature sensor wired into Raspberry Pi A+

I've created a Raspberry Pi-based temperature monitoring application to power a network of temperature and environmental monitors in my home.

The architecture uses one 'master' Pi to aggregate and display log data, and many 'remotes' place around a house to send log data back to the 'master'. The app was originally built in 2015 to help monitor my home environment, and is continuously developed and improved as my monitoring needs change.

Other articles about the Temperature Monitoring system:

Drupal VM

Drupal VM Screenshot - Setup

Drupal VM is a VM for local Drupal development, built with Vagrant and Ansible, which runs on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows, and supports multiple guest OSes, multiple versions of PHP, and many different Drupal deployment scenarios.

The project has been available on GitHub since early 2014, and uses Ansible, Vagrant, and either VirtualBox or VMware to build local development environments.

More information:

Raspberry Pi Dramble

Raspberry Pi Dramble - 6-node cluster
Raspberry Pi Dramble - 6-node cluster

In 2015, after the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the second generation of Raspberry Pi computers, with a 4-core ARM processor (which is more than 6x faster than the processor used in its predecessors), I decided to buy a bunch of them to use for local Ansible testing and for presentation purposes.

The Easy Chicken

The Easy Chicken - home
The Easy Chicken - how it works
The Easy Chicken - pricing

The Easy Chicken is a family-owned business in St. Louis, MO offering backyard chicken rental, purchase, and assistance. Many families are beginning to explore backyard farming, growing veggies and raising chickens; The Easy Chicken helps these families sift through any local requirements and regulations, get a coop, rent or purchase hens, and get started with feed, care, and egg collection!


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