Kenrick Plaza Walmart Redevelopment - April 2015

[Update: The Walmart should open on September 23. Here are more recent pictures from the development.]

In October, I gave an October 2014 update Walmart redevelopment at Kenrick Plaza in Shrewsbury, MO. Since it's been about six months, I figured I'd post another little update here, along with some pictures I took of the land, which now has the main Walmart structure in place, and is finally taking shape!

Kenrick Plaza - New Entrance sign

View of the half-finished entrance, turning right from Watson Rd. (westbound). So far it's hard to see how pedestrian access will be routed, and where bus stops will be located (especially with the temporary access road in place), but the new sign is a bit larger than the old sign, and so far just has 'First Bank' listed.

Kenrick Plaza - Old Kenrick Cinema area

A view of the old Kenrick 8 Cinema parking lot/building area. It's just a staging area for extra building materials right now, and construction vehicles frequently cross over the small driveway from the main entrance to the First Bank to get some materials and bring them to the Walmart construction area.

Kenrick Plaza - New Walmart Front and Parking area

A view of the front of the new Walmart. So far it's mostly cinder block, with a few openings where the main entrance and fire escapes will be, but there are a couple small brick facades that have already been installed. Looks pretty generic so far.

I didn't get a shot of the roof, but over the past week, installers have placed dozens of large white domes all over the place, presumably the skylights used in Walmart's energy-saving daylighting system.

Kenrick Plaza - Lower Kenrick - Powerhouse Gym

A view of the 'Lower Kenrick' development which has not been touched as part of the Kenrick Plaza redevelopment. You can see the long-term anchor (and one of the only tenants), Powerhouse Gym, in the middle of the frame. The parking lot, facade, landscaping, sidewalks, and pretty much every other aspect of Lower Kenrick is in a sad state of disrepair. Hearkens back to how the rest of Kenrick Plaza looked in the past. I guess you could find some low-rent retail space if you want!

Kenrick Plaza - Back of Walmart from Trianon Pkwy

The back of the new Walmart building, as viewed from Trianon. It looks pretty ugly... but to be fair, the old building was just as ugly! You can only dress up the back of a development so much, especially when there are permanent guy wires in the way too.


So excited for the new Walmart, and will be so much closer than Kirkwood. Do you know when it will be complete?

Would to know two things: is it going to be a super Walmart and when will it open? Excited about it being so convenient for me!!

It doesn't seem to be a super Walmart (just a normal one), and it is very near completion; the interior is being finished, the sign is on the front, and only a couple parts of the parking lot remain to be poured/finished.

A development representative was suggesting that it would either open in August or around Christmas earlier this year, and the way things are shaping up, it looks to be the former.

Here's a picture from earlier today:

Have you heard anything about redevelopment/redo of the lower Kenrick Plaza buildings? They are in such very sad repair...

What kind of businesses will be going in next to the Bank side? Theater, fast food........?

Any news on the Shrewsbury Walmart opening date?

I love the new Wal-Mart it's more convenient for me to get to now I will have my medicine transfered to there very Large store Thanks for the new construction of the building it's lovely