Shrewsbury, MO Walmart opens September 23, 2015

At long last, I found the date that the Shrewsbury, MO Walmart at Kenrick Plaza opens: September 23, 2015. I know a lot of people have asked me about this over the past year, as this blog, for some reason or another, is pretty much the only source of information about this Walmart on the Internet!

Here are a couple pictures from last week:

Walmart Shrewsbury MO Kenrick Plaza - empty parking lot

This is the front of the completed Walmart building, with a completely empty parking lot. I'm guessing this will be a rare sight, judging by every other Walmart I've seen.

Kenrick Plaza outlot behind First Bank

New outlot that's just west of the First Bank building. I don't know if there are any tenants signed up for the spaces in this building yet, but it's coming up quickly, since the major construction work on the new Walmart is pretty much complete.


There was an article in the STL Business Journal in May 2014 about possible development of a new Werhenberg Theatre in Shrewsbury, maybe where the old one once stood. It was to be a 9 screen movie plex. Guess that didnt come to fruition? Does anybody know?

As far as I know, that was only ever a rumor, and nothing came of it. Nobody knows who the new tenant(s) will be in the building that's just been started on the Northwest corner of the property.

The other tenants are the aforementioned fitness center, a "Here Today" retail store, and a much smaller space that is not yet leased.

I heard the big building is a fitness center. If it is, that's terrible.

First, the developer, Grewe, lured value village from lower kenrick, which he didn't manage, into upper kenrick, which he did. Then he got a $15m check from tif funds, evicted value village, and tore down the plaza.

Now, he's directly competing against the one business in lower kenrick, using the taxpayer money to do it. This is absolutely outrageous if it's true.

There no way the unsubsidized powerhouse gym is going to compete with a new competitor. So now Grewe is responsible for diving the two biggest businesses out of lower kenrick, and getting paid by taxpayers to do it!