8 New Compute Module 4 boards for Spring 2022

It's been a busy start to the year on my Raspberry Pi PCIe Devices website. Not only have we finally made some significant progress learning about the BCM2711's PCIe bus (both good and bad), I've also added a few dozen new Raspberry Pi CM4-based boards to the site.

In my YouTube video today, I go through four of them in depth, showing how they're built and what they're used for.

The four projects I cover in depth are:

  1. Bigtreetech's Raspberry Pad 5
  2. Seeed Studio's reTerminal
  3. Waveshare's Dual Ethernet 5G/4G base board
  4. Ab-log's RPi4-RTC-PoE DIN rail computer

And there are some other projects I'm watching closely as they journey down the road towards production:

I will be diving deeper into the Waveshare Dual Ethernet 5G/4G base board later this year as I work on building a mobile OpenWRT router for 4G LTE backup Internet, to see how closely I can compete with a commercial product like a Cradlepoint for half the price.

See all these devices in action in this week's video, embedded below:


Is there anywhere that has a compiled list of all these projects? I love seeing these get highlighted, but I often find myself wanting a list of projects and their statuses to see if there is already a board that fills a need for an Idea I'm having