Happy #PiDay 2016 - Celebrating with the Raspberry Pi

I think today was my most Pi-full π day, ever! Let's see:

Early in the morning, I finished upgrading all the Ansible playbooks used by the Raspberry Pi Dramble so my cluster of five Raspberry Pis would run faster and better on the latest version of official Raspberry Pi OS, Raspbian Jessie.

Later, opensource.com published an article I wrote about using Raspberry Pis placed throughout my house to help my kids sleep better:

Meanwhile, my wife brought home some tasty Dutch Apple pie, of which I had a slice at lunch:

Later, at 3:14 p.m. on 3/14, while I was in the 314 area code, I tweeted:

...and I was walking into our Micro Center to pick up a Raspberry Pi 3, which I'm going to benchmark like crazy for my Raspberry Pi Dramble Drupal 8 cluster, and for my Drupal Pi project:


I forgot it was "Pi Day." But as it turned out, I did eat some lemon pie for dessert. So all is well. Your temperature monitoring project sounds interesting. I did something similar using Perl CGI scripts, ESP8266 wifi modules (programmed using Arduino), RRDTool (for the graphs--something I used back in the day when I was a network admin), and DHT22 temp/humidity sensors. Oh, and I got to 3d print plastic cases for them. Fun!

I'm planning on switching things over to RRDTool soon; the graphing is in some ways the most annoying part, and I want a library that's simpler than what I'm doing now (building my own database, populating it, getting stuff back out of it and displaying it in graphs using Flot).