Drupal VM - DrupalEasy Podcast and DrupalCon NOLA BoF

As Drupal VM has passed 500 stars on GitHub, and is becoming a fairly mature environment for local development environment—especially for teams of Drupal developers who want to maintain consistency and flexibility when developing many sites, I've been working to get more stable releases, better documentation, and a more focused feature set.

Also, in the past few months, as interest has surged, I've even had the opportunity to talk about all things Drupal VM on the DrupalEasy podcast! Check out DrupalEasy Podcast 172 - The Coup (Jeff Geerling - Drupal VM), which was just posted a few days ago.

And to keep the conversation flowing, I'm going to be moderating a BoF on Drupal VM at DrupalCon New Orleans, Drupal VM and local Drupal development for teams.

The BoF will be Wednesday morning, from 10:45-11:45 a.m., in room 289 (Chromatic), and if you want to talk about local development environments for teams, or just the future of Drupal VM, please stop by—I hope it will be a lively and productive conversation!

And who knows, maybe I'll bring my Raspberry Pi Zero cluster and see how Drupal VM performs on it :D