Highly available Drupal on a Raspberry Pi Cluster - phptek 2016 session

Raspberry Pi Dramble Cluster with Mini Raspberry Pi Zero Cluster

Another year, another field trip for the Pi Dramble—my 5-Raspberry-Pi cluster! I presented a session titled Highly available Drupal on a Raspberry Pi Cluster at php[tek] 2016, which just so happens to have moved to my hometown, St. Louis, MO this year!

For this presentation, I remembered to record the audio using a lav mic plugged into my iPhone, as well as iShowU to record what was on my screen. Sadly, I didn't have a secondary camera to capture the Pi Dramble itself, but you can glance at all the other 'Let's build a Pi Cluster' videos if you want to see it in action!

Here's a video recording of the presentation:

And here are the slides:

If you haven't yet seen the Dramble, check out all the details at http://www.pidramble.com/.

It was a fun and lively session, and I thank the php[tek] organizers for allowing me to share my passion for electronics, Ansible, PHP, and Drupal with another great group of people. I'll be giving another talk tomorrow, on a completely unrelated topic, ProTips for Staying Sane while Working from Home.