Starting today, I'm going to be slowly working on:

  1. Upgrading some of my older sites to a newer version of Drupal.
  2. Rethinking where I post about certain things.

With regard to the latter point, I'm going to start focusing more on life, religion, philosophy, and such things on this particular blog, while I will focus more on technology (and web development in particular) on my Midwestern Mac, LLC site.

I've hit a point where I think I'll start putting a few sites I maintain on mothballs (much like I have my old 2002-era Latin website, the Duel of the Seminarians site, et all).


Hi Jeff:
I am a catholic married father of three children.
I live currently in Spain, but for many years I lived in the USA
I love your site and what you do,
Just to let you know about my project:
Let me know what you think?
God bless you

Looks like a great idea, and I hope you can continue getting more content on the site about different pilgrimages and ideas for Catholics to enhance their lives through travel...

Please, please...continue to make "SLU for U" (versions 1 and 2) available. :-)

They won't be going away - don't worry about that! Once I put something online, I will always keep it up, somewhere, and I try as hard as I can to redirect old links to the new location, so that I don't have any dead pages or missing links. Rare is the day when I delete something on one of my sites!