A New Job (2014 edition)

In 2008, I started working for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, my first job where I ended up working on Drupal sites practically full-time (my first Drupal experience was on 4.x in 2005). I also started Midwestern Mac, LLC in 2008, and from that time to now have built two SaaS services (Hosted Apache Solr and Server Check.in), and over 100 other Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 sites, along with a few mobile apps and a Mac app (Quick Resizer).

In 2011, I moved on to Flocknote, and learned a lot building a Drupal-based communications platform used by more than half a million people. This was also a full-time remote job, and I worked with a small but very strong team from Texas, Missouri, Florida, and Tennessee.

In 2013, I went to Mercy and worked on a major intranet migration (Drupal 6 to Drupal 7) and Mercy.net, the hospital system's patient-facing site, which runs on Drupal 7.

I am proud to have worked with all the individuals and companies these past few years, and am indebted to all of them for the support and professional development they've offered—each in a unique way. Throughout my work, I have had the good fortune to be able to learn other languages, tools, and techniques, even to the point of writing a book on Ansible! I have also become a husband and father, and been able to do some great things in my Church, my community, and the Drupal community.

Acquia Logo

This year, I'm moving to Acquia! Acquia is one of the largest Drupal service providers, and I'll be working in the Professional Services group as a Technical Architect. In this new role, I'll be able to help even more organizations do amazing things with Drupal. I've only been to Acquia's Boston HQ once, but I already feel like a part of the team, as I've been in numerous Hangouts and chats (I'll be working remotely from St. Louis—new home-office-building project, yay!).

To all my co-workers at Mercy: thanks for the great time and fun projects we've worked on together. Keep fighting for the users! To my new co-workers at Acquia: I'm excited to join you guys, and look forward to seeing you starting October 6!


Congratulations Jeff! I'm a Ballwin guy with super similar interests, and have been appreciative of your technical tweaks and advice over the years. I hope these continue... Let's do lunch.