Preserving the Web - JJJCL and 'Duel' video

About two decades ago, I built a website for the National Junior Classical League's individual website competition. This website, JJJCL, won a 2nd place award for how blindingly brilliant it was. I kept the site puttering along as I moved my static HTML site content from '' to a personal bare metal webserver I ran for a few years, then eventually moved it to the server where I hosted this site (

But along the transition of this site from Drupal 6 to 7, it seems like that site dropped off the face of the Internet. And with it, part of my (embarrassing, design-wise? sure) history on the web. Luckily, I have archives of practically everything I've ever created, so today I'm happy to announce I have restored that part of my personal history to the Internet, along with another purpose-built static HTML site I built in Apple's short-lived iTools HomePage:


Starting today, I'm going to be slowly working on:

  1. Upgrading some of my older sites to a newer version of Drupal.
  2. Rethinking where I post about certain things.

With regard to the latter point, I'm going to start focusing more on life, religion, philosophy, and such things on this particular blog, while I will focus more on technology (and web development in particular) on my Midwestern Mac, LLC site.

I've hit a point where I think I'll start putting a few sites I maintain on mothballs (much like I have my old 2002-era Latin website, the Duel of the Seminarians site, et all).

The Revised Translation of the Roman Missal

In case you've been living under a rock for a while, here's the best explanation to date as to why the Church will be implementing a new translation of the Roman Missal (basically, the words spoken by the Priest and/or the laity during the Holy Mass):

So far I've seen very little that really hits hard from official lines of communication from the Church (a lot of info for liturgists, priests, and Catholic addicts, but not so much for the Catholic everyman). Maybe some Catholic parishes could distribute this video to their parishioners?

A tip 'o the hat to my little Sister, who reminded me of this video, and got me to finally watch it!