Mobius Mini Action Cam Pro - Dashcam setup and review

tl;dr: Watch the example/demo video below to see how the Mobius performs in a variety of driving conditions:

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For the past few years, I've seen countless 'fail' videos, linked videos on reddit, etc. which show both the utility and entertainment value that comes from a dashcam—a camera that records everything that happens in front of your car while you're driving.

When looking around at the options for dashcams, and knowing my preference for reliability and ease of use, I came up with the following criteria:

Announcing Catholic Car Wash - a Video Podcast. In a Car.

Catholic Car Wash - Logo ThumbnailA week or so ago, I was in a car wash, trying to think of something productive to do. Prayer was out, because I didn't think it would be as easy to connect with God through a wall of high-pressure water. So, I did the next best thing... I whipped out my iPhone, pointed the camera at yours truly, and hit record. What resulted was Catholic Car Wash.

In each episode of the podcast, I will be talking about a small bit of the wonderful Catholic faith—whether it be a Catholic practice, a part of Holy Mass, or some other crazy thing I want to share about the faith. Check out the first two episodes: