Minivans are better than trucks least if you have a family, and need to transport datacenter racks.

Consider this:

  • You can fit full 4' x 8' plywood sheets in the back (assuming you fold down/remove the seats)
  • You can fit up to 12' long dimensional lumber (1x2, 2x4, etc.) inside (passing it through the gap between front seats)
  • You can seat 7 or even 8 people inside, somewhat comfortably, with at least 2-3 cupholders per person (still preserving 20-30 ft3 ((0.8m3) of storage space in the back!)
  • You can fit a full 42" deep 42U datacenter rack in the back, with space left over for one or two 2U 1500VA UPSes

Datacenter Rack in the Back Minivan Toyota Sienna

From: Look at my HUGE RACK! (moving vlog 11).

All that, and all 140ft3 (4.2m3) of interior storage is fully enclosed and climate-controlled.

The minivan wins, hands-down, unless you're dealing in raw materials. A sunroof isn't that helpful for loading in piles of dirt and gravel.


Next up, install a pi controlled partition to separate the driver from the back. Features include a volume sensor, a location module for when you pull out of the drive way, and tinted windows.

My granddad did a limousine for his 10 kids.

European here that, after driving a small and then a large hatchback, just upgraded to a full size estate car.
I don't really understand the craze for SUV's and pickup trucks. Especially American pickup trucks seem totally useless with their big front part and rather small flat-bed (if it can even be made totally flat).
Estate cars and especially minivans are much more practical from every point of view. But the market has shrunk so much that minivans look like a dying species and estates are not far behind. :-(

Large American pickup trucks can tow extremely heavy trailers. Mine has a towing capacity of about 13000 pounds. Newer ones than mine tend to be even better. The most practical reason to have a large pickup truck with a large cab area and a smallish bed is to tow things. (Even a small bed is 6.5 feet, which is still a pretty practical size.)

If you're never going to tow anything, you are probably better off with a minivan or a small SUV.

Oh, one great thing about SUVs is they are amazing on snow. Of course, any Subaru does just as well.

Minivans are convenient. But do you risk becoming not-alive if you're in a collision on the way from point A to point B?