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Mac App Store - Real Reason for It?

Mac App Store Icon - LogoThis might just be too crazy to be true, but I just thought, after reading that some of the bestselling games for the Mac were added to the Mac App Store, if there might be an ulterior motive to the Mac App Store...

Besides adding some revenue to Apple's bottom line, offering a convenient means to Mac users discovering and purchasing new software, and making the Mac more in-line with the iOS device philosophy, what if Steve walked into an Apple retail store one day last year and said:

New Apple Store at the St. Louis Galleria

After having visited New York's four very large and unique Apple Stores, coming back and visiting the St. Louis Galleria Apple Store was somewhat of a letdown. The store has been reported to be the world's smallest mall Apple Store, and it was quite apparent upon entering.

The Galleria Store was known for being incredibly cramped, and one would often see many Apple employees training Mac users in the common areas around the Mall. One was lucky to be able to grab an Apple employee to simply make a quick purchase within 5 minutes of entering the store!

No more.

Apple Store Galleria - opening day

Now, the Apple Store inside the St. Louis Galleria is likely one of the largest, if not THE largest, Apple Stores in a mall, in the world.

Four Apple Stores in NY in Two Days

It is said that, during a jubilee year, one would receive a plenary indulgence by visiting all four major basilicas in Rome (nowadays, it seems you only have to visit one of them—pfft!).

During this Apple Jubilee of 2010, I have visited all four of the Major Apple Stores in New York City (my total Apple Store visit count is about 25 now) in two days... I didn't buy anything, so I might've missed one of the conditions of the plenary Apple-dulgence, but I did get my photo taken by an Apple employee!

Apple Store - Upper West Side

Entering into the Upper West Side Apple Store feels like entering a major train terminal or union station; the space is HUGE, with a ton of vertical space. It was fairly chilly inside, and I wonder how much money they spend on air conditioning and heating the place!

Apple Store Upper West Side
(Eek! Not very flattering, I know)...

iPad == Here. Tip for buyers: Go to Best Buy.

[UPDATE: I have posted my rather extensive review of the iPad. It will be updated frequently!]

[UPDATE x2: I have posted a guide to tethering your iPad to your iPhone.]

I just returned from a shopping trip with stops at Best Buy, Micro Center and the Apple Store (specifically, the smaller of two Apple Stores in the St. Louis Metro Area). A tip for those looking to buy an iPad: DON'T go to the Apple Store. Not only are many Apple Stores running out, but Best Buy also has a nice $30 for $25 iTunes gift card deal.

If you're going to buy at least $30 worth of apps for your iPad, the Gift Card deal is pretty good. Plus, there are no lines at Best Buy. Best Buy doesn't have any accessories, but neither does Apple right now (they're all out of stock).

More to come on the iPad... along with my first blog post from the thing :-)