Mac App Store - Real Reason for It?

Mac App Store Icon - LogoThis might just be too crazy to be true, but I just thought, after reading that some of the bestselling games for the Mac were added to the Mac App Store, if there might be an ulterior motive to the Mac App Store...

Besides adding some revenue to Apple's bottom line, offering a convenient means to Mac users discovering and purchasing new software, and making the Mac more in-line with the iOS device philosophy, what if Steve walked into an Apple retail store one day last year and said:

"I really like the entrance to this store. There's something magical about it. Every product we display in this physical space is our own, and it exudes beauty."

Johnny Ive then says, "Yeah, mate. That's exactly why we made it this way."

Steve continues, though, "But look beyond... do you see that wall back there? Look at all those disgusting, multi-colored boxes of cardboard and plastic. Shades of blue, red, yellow... nothing matches. Let's get rid of it. Right now." [Steve is here referring to the wall of third-party software for the Mac].

Tim Cook replies, "Alright, Steve-o. I see what you're saying... but let's not be too hasty. It will take a few months for people to get used to buying software on their Macs... plus, Lion's not out yet! Let's wait a few months, but we'll do it."

Steve concludes, "Fine, fine. Let's get this done now... and don't worry too much about the developers—I just sent out a batch of our finest kool-aid."

I could definitely imagine this happening.