Four Apple Stores in NY in Two Days

It is said that, during a jubilee year, one would receive a plenary indulgence by visiting all four major basilicas in Rome (nowadays, it seems you only have to visit one of them—pfft!).

During this Apple Jubilee of 2010, I have visited all four of the Major Apple Stores in New York City (my total Apple Store visit count is about 25 now) in two days... I didn't buy anything, so I might've missed one of the conditions of the plenary Apple-dulgence, but I did get my photo taken by an Apple employee!

Apple Store - Upper West Side

Entering into the Upper West Side Apple Store feels like entering a major train terminal or union station; the space is HUGE, with a ton of vertical space. It was fairly chilly inside, and I wonder how much money they spend on air conditioning and heating the place!

Apple Store Upper West Side
(Eek! Not very flattering, I know)...

Apple Store - West 14th Street

This was the most unique Apple Store experience I've had so far; not only is there an amazing glass spiral staircase, the building looks almost like an old printery or newspaper mill—very unlike most other Apple buiding façades.

Apple Store West 14th Street

Apple Store - Soho

This store is almost identical in layout to the Chicagoland Apple Store I visited a few months ago, except the back end of the store extends an additional 30 ft. or so.

Apple Store Soho

Apple Store - 5th Avenue

The elevator at this store is unique in that it is driven only by a single piston, and has no cables on the top of the car. I can imagine there's quite a bit of weight on that metal piston! As usual, there is an overabundance of three-ply glass panels... everywhere.

Apple Store 5th Avenue - Elevator

Thanks especially to my fiancée, who encouraged me to enter into each Apple Store, even though I felt unworthy at times.