Ansible for DevOps - 50% off on LeanPub for Black Friday 2017

Though I've had a little less time to work on the book lately, I'm still very much invested in keeping Ansible for DevOps the best and most up-to-date guide to using Ansible for infrastructure automation. It's been over two years since the first '100% complete' edition was released, and in that time I have published over 200 updates on LeanPub—and even have full test coverage for all the book's examples, which are open-sourced and available in the Ansible for DevOps GitHub repo!

Ansible for DevOps - 50% off for Black Friday 2017

For this year's Black Friday, I'm discounting the book—50% off—but only on LeanPub. I like to push readers to LeanPub, because:

  • I can most easily publish frequent updates to the book via LeanPub (Kindle and iBooks only get updates 4x per year).
  • There is no DRM on LeanPub, ever—and you can choose what format you want!
  • LeanPub is the most generous and awesome publishing platform for authors I've used.

So special thanks to LeanPub for making Ansible for DevOps the #12 all-time most popular book sold on LeanPub, and the most consistently-up-to-date book on Ansible!

Go ahead and get a copy of Ansible for DevOps from LeanPub for 50% off before the deal expires!


I would love to see a revision of this excellent book. I have a team of operators going through the book to move towards implementing automation into our company. Thank you for all the hard work.

@JLWest - I'm continually working on improving the book; right now I'm adding a chapter on HTTPS, as well as updating many examples to be better compatible with Ansible 2.4 and beyond. I've already published over 30 new versions of the book since 2013, and will continue to do so. LeanPub gets the revisions most quickly, but I tend to push out an update to Kindle and the print copy on Amazon every year, at least. Unfortunately Amazon still says "2015", but that's when I originally published the book. If I publish a 'second edition', I can update that published date on Amazon, but then existing customers have to re-purchase the book to get updates :(