You can get my DevOps books free the rest of this month

March 31st Update: Through Device42's generosity, this offer's been extended through the month of April!

The ongoing Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and bear market made me realize how beneficial it has been to be adaptable in the tech industry. There are no guarantees in life, and the ability to earn a livelihood is probably the most underrated important aspect of overall health. Most people take it for granted until they are deeply affected by it.

I can't do much to help during this crises, but I figure that I can make my two books, Ansible for DevOps and Ansible for Kubernetes, free for anyone who wants to learn a new skillset as a buffer against possible coming layoffs.

I don't want to seem like a Henny Penny or Chicken Little, but the main takeaway I got from the Great Recession in 2008 was that you should not take your job—or the possibility of finding another like it—for granted. So if you are a student, sysadmin, support representative, or in some other technical field and have been considering learning more about automation and DevOps techniques (especially with Ansible and Kubernetes), I invite you to get one or both of my books.

I made it so you can pay whatever you want for either book—even if that's $0.00—on LeanPub:

Ansible for DevOps - Available Free until April Ansible for Kubernetes - Available Free until April

If you find value in the books, and they do help you either keep your current position, or find some new profitable endeavor, please consider paying back the kindness via GitHub Sponsorship, buying a book as a gift for someone else, or some other means. But don't worry about that for now. I'd rather someone who's been on the fence about learning some new tech get the opportunity now, and invest some time in themselves in the next few weeks—it's not like there's anything else you can do.

I hope layoffs don't happen, but I'd rather be prepared for the worst, so I can enjoy life more when things are going well.

(Note: As with any purchase, if you get the books today, you will still get every update I publish on LeanPub, free forever. I've already updated Ansible for DevOps over 22 times since 2014, and am proud to keep it an extremely relevant learning resource for Ansible.)


Thanks! Really appreciate this small act of kindness!

Thanks Jeff! This is awesome. I've shared your books with our team since we'll be doing even more Ansible and Ansible Operators over the coming weeks and months.

Actions Like that is the reason I believe in humanity
Way 2 Go Jeff :-)

a really nice gesture, thanks for doing this. #HugOps

this reflects wonderfully on your character and I'm sure you will be rewarded and blessed in your career and life because it. a great witness to your faith.

Thanks Jeff, when I got my start in DevOps I read 'ansible for devops' cover to cover and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who hasn't already tried it. I've worked with K8s for a couple of years now, and didn't know you had written a book on this. Something nice to keep spirits up in these trying times.

Thank you Jeff for this! Really generous of you!

I bought your Ansible for Devops book and I enjoyed it a lot, it's a beautiful gesture from you and, in my case, I will buy Kubernetes one to appreciante this gesture (and because I fully believe that it is worth it :)).

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you very much. This will help me a lot to get into this.

Hi Jeff, Thank you for your kindness and thinking of everyone. Be safe.
Good so far, Larry

Ansible for DevOps is great! GO GET IT!

I've been using at work for a book club, and the consistent feedback I get from everybody is that its a well written, clear, and easy to follow book.

We'll be doing Ansible for Kubernetes next when we are done DevOps.

Someone shared your books on LinkedIn and it's a very kind guesture. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for this generous gift, btw another thanks for the many Ansible roles you published on Ansible Galaxy

Many thanks, Jeff! I feel guilty to get your book for free. Therefore, I sent you two cups of coffee! Thank you!

I'm unable to get it for free ,it is showing 30 dollars price in lean pub

Make sure you have javascript enabled in your browser, and you might have to turn off your adblocker too. The LeanPub pricing system requires javascript to make the pricing slider/'choose your own price' tool work.

Really appreciated, people that is not in the first line of problem - health army - can take advantage of them.

many thanks for your kindness. I bought your books and will be sharing them with my team. We are using ansible for IaC and i think the books will help us going the right way. Thanks again.

Thank you very much! From Russia with respect to all you have done (on Ansible Galaxy etc).

Jeff, Thank you for your kind gesture during these troubled times.

Thanks for this! Because of this kindness, I decided to buy Ansible for DevOps for 9.99, and if it is finished, and it is well received, I will pay for the other one as well :-)

Thanks for the offer. My current job is not helping me.

From one Catholic to another , Peace be with you.

Looking forward to purchasing you next book.

Jeff - I am a big fan of your Ansible playbooks and always refer to your playbooks for any doubts that I have. This gesture just makes you an even better person - kudos! I won't take it for free, I plan to pay and download these as a mark of respect to your kindness and big heart!

Thanks so much for this. As someone who was recently laid off, this will be very useful

Got here from Youtube, just wanted to say how much I appreciate this opportunity.

Jeff is stellar. I've got one of these books but will definitely take him up on this offer. A real star in the tech community. Thanks Jeff.

That's really a kind gesture, thank you Jeff for your understanding and keep doing such wonderful things. Thanks alot.