My DevOps books are free in April, thanks to Device42!

Last month I announced I was going to make my books Ansible for DevOps and Ansible for Kubernetes available free on LeanPub through the end of March, so people who are in self-isolation and/or who have lost their jobs could level up their automation skills.

The response floored me—in less than two weeks, I had given away over 40,000 copies of the two books, and they jumped to the top of LeanPub's bestseller lists.

Ansible for DevOps purchases - free and paid
Purchases (over 99% with price set to 'free') of both books spiked within hours of the announcement.

I am happy to announce, due to the sponsorship of Device42, that this offer has been extended for another month, to the end of April! If you, or someone you know, doesn't have these books, please get them to download them from LeanPub today!

Device42 Logo

I often write about open source funding and sponsorship, and I'm extremely grateful to my GitHub and Patreon sponsors, as well as every person who's sent a donation or some kind words my way. I especially thank Device42 for their gesture today, which sustains my open source development and projects like my new Ansible 101 live stream series! Their action helps me provide for my family while working on my open source projects and books (even while giving them away), and helps thousands of others who may benefit from the books, software, and media I help produce.

A little more about Device42 and it's relationship with Ansible:

Ansible is a great tool for driving IT automation. But to make that automation work, you need to make sure you have an accurate, real-time picture of your IT Infrastructure. And that's where Device42 helps. Device42 provides comprehensive discovery of your entire IT estate from Mainframes to Kubernetes, and just like Ansible, it's agentless! You can try it free. Download a trial today at and see how it can take your Ansible automation to the next level.

Thank you so much to Device42 for sponsoring another month of giving away the books for free!

As a reminder: with LeanPub, every update to the book I make, forever, is free. Ansible for Kubernetes is still being written, so you don't get a 100% complete book today, but you can download the updated book as it's written, and as with Ansible for DevOps, I intend to keep it updated as long as I'm able, even after it's complete!


Jeff, it is great that you were able to extend this offer as many find themselves with extra free-time on their hands or are looking for security in the workplace! Considering all of the open source projects you have contributed endless hours to, and the countless presentations you have given at different events, it is clear you are not new to selflessly helping people.

I also want to thank Device42 for their sponsorship. I had never heard of their company before these posts, but I will definitely check them out now!

Cannot find the books to download in the Device42 site.

Oh! I just visited your blog site, and I'm so surprised to know that your DevOps ebooks in which I have been wishing for to have for so long had became free in March and April of this year. It's so bad for me to miss the great deal. I do hope that they will be re-offered for free again soon. It will be a lot of help for all the IT professionals who have been furloughed and laid off, and also who seek new opportunities as a freelancer in this pandemic. We knock on your kind heart.

I checked on leaning for both of these books and neither are free. Both say they are selling for $9.99 each. Are they still free through April?