Automating my Homelab with Ansible (AnsibleFest 2022)

At AnsibleFest 2022, I presented Ansible for the Homelab.

Jeff Geerling's Homelab Rack in 2022

In the presentation, I gave a tour of my homelab, highlighting it's growth from a modem and 5-port switch to a full 24U rack with a petabyte of storage and multiple 10 gigabit switches!

Then I spent some time discussing how various components are automated using Ansible, mostly using open source projects on GitHub.

Unfortunately for attendees, the room my session was in was packed, and a lot of people who wanted to see it were turned away.

Jeff Geerling at AnsibleFest 2022 delivering presentation on Ansible and the Homelab

Luckily I also pre-recorded the presentation and posted it on my YouTube channel. So now everyone can watch it!

I mentioned a number of Ansible playbooks and open source projects in the presentation; here's a list of all of them:

I put a listing of all the Homelab equipment I'm currently using (as of October 2022) in the description of the YouTube video.

If you have any other questions about my homelab, or how I automate different parts of it, please feel free to ask in the comments! I may do a more formal 'homelab tour' later this year or early next year, so make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel to see it!


I currently run OpenWRT on an RPi4b 4G device and love it. I use a USB 3.0 1GB ethernet adaptor for WAN and the onboard with PoE for LAN. I test the throughput every hour on the 20th minute and after swapping the Unifi Gateway for the RPi, there was no throughput difference with my 400Mbit internet. I recently added a USB drive to host PXE boot files.

It was great to hear the presentation in person and meet you Jeff!

Hi Jeff, the link to your presentation is missing on the RedHat page -> "No session to display"