Automating the Uncommon - AnsibleFest 2021 presentation

At AnsibleFest 2021, I presented a session titled Automating the Uncommon - Ansible automates everything!.

Since watching on-demand versions of the AnsibleFest sessions requires a signup, I thought I'd also post the session to my YouTube channel, so everyone can learn from it without registering. The session seemed well-received, and I hope it shows that, as I state in my 'Rule of Golden Hammers':

Jeff's rule of Golden Hammers - If you know a tool well enough, and the tool is good enough, it's okay to do weird things with it.

I demonstrate how I use Ansible to:

Watch the full presentation on YouTube: Jeff Geerling - You did WHAT with Ansible?! Automate the Uncommon.


Great presentation. I wanted to ask about your Mac Mini setup, I've seen in your videos that have it in a rack, also do you use the same screen for both your MBP and your Mac Mini? I have a 16" MBP and a Late 2012 mac Mini but I use different screens and keyboard/mouse sets but love to unify them in a single setup.

Thanks and keep up with all the great content!

I have my M1 Mac mini downstairs in my office, attached to my 'work' rig, with a 4K monitor, keyboard and mouse.

My M1 MacBook Air is upstairs (normally) in a little floating wall desk with its own 4K monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Having them completely separate helps me so much to separate work / life—plus if I have a job that I need to run for a day or more, I can send it off to the mini downstairs and not worry that it'll die halfway through if I forgot to plug in my laptop.