DIY Garage Shelving How-to Timelapse

Last weekend, I finally finished off one of a zillion projects my wife and I are tracking in our home improvements Trello board, and, as with most of my projects nowadays, I recorded a timelapse using my pi-timelapse rig:

I used these plans from, and completed the project in about 4 hours total (with a break for dinner and getting the kids in bed). The shelves are quite sturdy, and the only thing I don't particularly like is the way the vertical support beams stick out in front; I'm fearful we might bump into it with the minivan when pulling into the garage. I might put some 45° supports angled into the wall as a backup in case we do knock out one of the legs.

I also chose to go with 2x3 lumber instead of 2x4, mostly because it's lighter than 2x4s and slightly narrower (more space for storing things). It did make the pocket holes a little more awkward (I used my new Kreg K4 Jig for that!), but in the end it's a pretty solid storage platform, with tons more room than my old dinky particle board shelves!