MidCamp 2017 Presentation - Drupal VM for Drupal 8 Development

MidCamp is one of my favorite Drupal events—it hits the sweet spot (at least for me) in terms of diversity, topics, and camp size. I was ecstatic when one of my session submissions was accepted, and just finished presenting Developing for Drupal 8 with Drupal VM.

Drupal VM presentation slide

You can see slides from the presentation here: Drupal VM for Drupal 8 Development, but without the full video there are a lot of gaps (especially on slides where there's just a giant emoji!). Luckily, Kevin Thull of Blue Drop Shop is hard at work recording all the sessions and posting them to YouTube. He's already processed the video from my session, and it's available below:

This presentation walks through the basic steps involved in using Drupal VM for both Local and Production environments, following along with the blog post I published recently, Soup to Nuts: Using Drupal VM to build local and prod. Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to get started with Drupal VM
  • How to build an identical local and production environment using Drupal VM
  • How to add Apache Solr to Drupal VM and your Drupal site for supercharged search
  • How to add Behat tests to Drupal VM so you can use Behavior Driven Development
  • Features that are planned for inclusion in future Drupal VM versions

It's probably the best summary of what's currently happening with Drupal VM, so if you're a current user, at least skim through to the end of the video to get a glimpse of some of the new features, as well as what's to come!

Learn more about Drupal VM.



The slide has an error (which cost me a few hours, but then behat does that, as you say...). instead of

../vendor/bin/behat init

it is

../vendor/bin/behat --init

Which your documentation says, although it does not say that to create the bootstrap folder (which is required with the suggested behat.yml) you have to specifiy the config file"

../vendor/bin/behat --init behat.yml