Coming soon: Highly-available Drupal 8 on a Raspberry Pi Cluster

I'm going to bring the Raspberry Pi Dramble with me to php[tek] on May 25 in St. Louis this year, and I'm hoping to also bring it with me to DrupalCon New Orleans in early May (I submitted the session Highly-available Drupal 8 on a Raspberry Pi Cluster, hopefully it's approved!).

Raspberry Pi model 3 B from Raspberry Pi Foundation

After this morning's official announcement of the Raspberry Pi model 3 B, I placed two orders with separate vendors as quickly as possible; I'm hoping I can get at least one or two to run some benchmarks and see where the Pi Dramble can get the most benefit from the upgraded ARMv8 processor (it's a 64 bit processor with a higher base clock speed than the model 2); I'm also going to see if any of the other small improvements in internal SoC architecture make an impact on real-world Drupal and networking benchmarks.

I also now have three Raspberry Pi Zeros that I'm working with to build a creative, battery-powered cluster for educational purposes, but without the quad core processor of the Pi 2/3, speed is a huge limitation in what this smaller cluster (it's tiny!) can do.

At a minimum, I'll have a slightly faster single Pi for running Drupal 8 / from home while the cluster is on the road, using the Drupal Pi project!