A new year, a new standing desk

For the past eight months, I've been working at a cubicle, sitting around 8 hours a day, at my new job with Mercy. Prior to this job, I had gotten up to about 6 hours a day standing at my home office standing desk (see how I made the standing desk), and reverting to the sitting position has taken its toll on my back and neck!

I decided to start working from a standing position at work, but was presented with a challenge: how can I work standing at a cubicle that was built for sitting? Additionally, I couldn't drill any holes in walls or modify the cubicle structurally in any way. Challenge accepted!

Standing Desk in cubicle at work

I made the above standing desk out of a few panels of wood that I cut, stained, and polyurethaned between Christmas and the New Year, and it's now helping me improve my posture and reduce back, neck and arm fatigue at work. I took pictures of the process of building the desk, and posted an article explaining the process here: Build a wood standing desk for your cubicle.