Florissant, MO Mayoral Elections - Susan Geerling for Mayor!

Susan Geerling for Mayor Yardsign

[Update: Looks like the results are in, and my mom came in 2nd. Congratulations to Tom Schneider, who won this year's election!].

Today is the day for the Florissant, MO mayoral election, and it's quite a day! I started off at the polls helping my mom's campaign (Geerling for Mayor) at 6:00 a.m., when it was about 35°F, but it's since warmed up to a toasty 60°F with a slight breeze!

It seems there has been lackluster voter turnout so far, but hopefully that was just due to the frigid weather... I think this will contribute, though, to a very close race! We're going to watch the results closely at the election night party later today.

I'm extremely proud of my Mom and her campaign—she's been professional, honest, and communicative throughout. Through frequent Facebook updates, website updates, and a few postcards in a mailing campaign, her campaign has kept in touch very well with volunteers and voters—especially considering the entire campaign is volunteer-based.

(As an aside:) Drupal for the election website was a perfect fit—early on, we needed to iterate and incorporate frequent design/structural changes, and as the election wore on, the ability to update the site often, and do things like accept secure contributions online, receive feedback, keep a calendar, and map out yardsign and poll locations was invaluable.

Please pray for whomever wins this campaign—that person will definitely have a lot of influence on Florissant's future! (I hope it's my mom!).

If you live in Florissant, and haven't voted yet, please do—for Susan Geerling!