Florissant, MO Mayoral Elections - Susan Geerling for Mayor!

Susan Geerling for Mayor Yardsign

[Update: Looks like the results are in, and my mom came in 2nd. Congratulations to Tom Schneider, who won this year's election!].

Today is the day for the Florissant, MO mayoral election, and it's quite a day! I started off at the polls helping my mom's campaign (Geerling for Mayor) at 6:00 a.m., when it was about 35°F, but it's since warmed up to a toasty 60°F with a slight breeze!

It seems there has been lackluster voter turnout so far, but hopefully that was just due to the frigid weather... I think this will contribute, though, to a very close race! We're going to watch the results closely at the election night party later today.

Susan Geerling for Mayor of Florissant, MO

Just a heads up, and a shout out to those living in Florissant (Flo-town, as it's endearingly called by those not in it, but cool enough to admit they were born there): my mother, Susan Geerling, is running for mayor of the city of Florissant!

I believe—nay, I guarantee—she has the city's best interests in mind, and I will be helping her to become the next mayor of a city I'm proud to call my birthplace. Though many may fault her for being honest, genuine, and logical in her decision-making processes (as was evidenced time and time again during her work as Ward 1 Councilwoman), I think these are virtues. Virtues worthy of the office of mayor.

Check out her website—*—as well as her presences on Facebook and Twitter!

I'm proud of you, Mom! I know you can weather the storm of the electoral race, and improve an even greater part of the great city of Florissant than you did in the turn of this century!