Other St. Louis-area Catholic Blogs/Bloggers

[UPDATE: I've posted a more comprehensive guide that I intend to keep updated here: St. Louis-area Catholic Bloggers/Websites].

I've come to the realization that many St. Louis-area Catholics have no idea how many excellent blogs are published by other Catholics in the area. Here are the ones I know of - feel free to leave a link to any that I've missed in the comments below.

  • Archdiocese of Saint Louis

    Obviously the main source of information for Archdiocesan events. I hear they're getting a site upgrade soon... more to come ;-)

  • Saint Louis Catholic

    A great blog about timely news in the Archdiocese, with a bit of a traditional slant. Often uses colorful and entertaining language when discussing the current state of affairs.

  • Rome of the West

    Blog by a Catholic photographer and explorer who has also helped with the publication of books highlighting the Catholic heritage of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Many beautiful photos from in and around St. Louis can be found on this blog!

  • Aeternus

    This blog has a more spiritual nature, and looks gorgeous (especially in its simplicity). It's nice to have in the feed reader for an occasional reflective post.

  • Southern Illinois Catholic

    This blog often reflects on the current political climate, liturgical advancements, and general Catholic goings-on in and around St. Louis and the Metro East.

  • Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

    Blog about Archdiocesan events, politics, and culture. Updated regularly.

  • OYM Blogs

    Blog posts from many individuals involved in St. Louis Archdiocesan youth ministry. Topics include humor, spirituality, prayer, youth ministry, sexuality, and the Church.

  • Snup's View from the Back Pew

    A very timely blog, where the author travels to a new parish within the Archdiocese every week and gives, quite literally, a 'view from the back pew' (along with some observations about the liturgy). Definitely worth subscribing, especially since you can essentially take an online pilgrimage to the parishes in the Archdiocese!

  • Homeschool Goodies

    Great blog about homeschooling run by a homeschooling mom from Northwest St. Louis County.

  • The Forum

    A blog by a local young adult with excellent and timely analysis of political news from around the St. Louis region, around the U.S., and around the world.

  • Archdiocese of St. Louis' Mission Blog

    Run by the staff and other contributors in the Mission Office for the Archdiocese.

  • We Need Faith, Hope & Charity

    Blog about saints and relevant situations facing Catholics today.

Any blogs I'm missing? Please add them below - I'd like to try to have St. Louis area Catholic bloggers a little more in-touch, instead of operating as little islands of Catholic bloggyness. Having a list of all the blogs would help this effort.

[EDIT] Here are some more blogs suggested by others:


Thanks, Jeff! What a great idea. I am honored to be in such good company.

You're quite welcome! More blogs to be added soon...

Jeff, if I had half of your creative talent my blog would be fifty times better at least.

Well, as it is, your blog is one of my favorite reads! Creativity in writing goes a long way as well... style without substance is pretty much what you get when you go to non-Catholic liturgies ;-)