DIY project - removing floor-to-ceiling mirrors from a wall in our house's dining room

Between projects at work, I decided to take a week's vacation and attempt a rather ambitious DIY project at the house. After working through some plans for the main rooms in our house, my wife and I decided we wanted to convert what was originally the formal dining room at our home, complete with a low-hanging chandelier and wall of floor-to-ceiling tinted mirrors, into a functional schoolroom with tons of storage and a teacher desk area.

So we started with this:

Mirror wall before

And ended up with this:

Functional wall with Ikea BESTÃ… storage system after

Homeschooling - a Great Option for Children Today

Tonight I noticed some click-throughs on the PROLIFE Wristband website from 'ThankEvann's Homeschool Goodies.' Not only did I think it appropriate to give a reciprocal link to this wonderful resource for homeschooling families, but I also thought it important to let people know a little about homeschooling.

Many people say that homeschooling is a bad thing for children: they say 'children find it more difficult later in life to become socially accepted with the rest of their peer group' and that 'kids just don't become prepared for the real world'. While there may be a small percentage of cases where a homeschooled child becomes a recluse, this rarely happens, for a variety of reasons.