Homeschooling - a Great Option for Children Today

Tonight I noticed some click-throughs on the PROLIFE Wristband website from 'ThankEvann's Homeschool Goodies.' Not only did I think it appropriate to give a reciprocal link to this wonderful resource for homeschooling families, but I also thought it important to let people know a little about homeschooling.

Many people say that homeschooling is a bad thing for children: they say 'children find it more difficult later in life to become socially accepted with the rest of their peer group' and that 'kids just don't become prepared for the real world'. While there may be a small percentage of cases where a homeschooled child becomes a recluse, this rarely happens, for a variety of reasons.

Nowadays, there are many different organizations to help families which choose to homeschool one or more of their children. There are groups which allow children to come for social activities on certain days of the week, for activities such as science and arts. There are many different curriculums which can be taught to children at their own pace; instead of children either being bored with something they know or being steamrolled with too fast a rate of learning, an in-home teacher can allow each child to learn at his or her own pace.

I often find homeschooled children to be among the socially well-adapted children and teenagers, even in groups of predominantly non-homeschooled children, such as sports teams. I myself was homeschooled for a time, and have no negative thoughts about it. I feel that, as long as the parents who choose to homeschool their children are dedicated to the task (and they usually are) and are willing to sacrifice a lot to make sure their children remain active in many different social activities (which they usually do), homeschooling will remain a very beneficial and good tool for families.

Raising children with solid faith and a great respect for their religion is much easier when a parent can choose to use well-written, truthful textbooks and curriculum for schoolwork. Many of today's popular textbooks (used even in many Catholic and other private Christian schools) contain many 'culturally diverse' sections which downplay the religion and the Church's role in the world of history, geography, mathematics, science, music and art, and sometimes present unstable facts grounded not in objective reality, but rather in whatever slant the text's author wishes to portray.

There are now many great resources for families wishing to homeschool, and ThankEvann's Homeschool Goodies is one of them. (Here are some more:)