One of my photos is being shared around Facebook with the tagline #OccupyAdoration, shared originally by the Peoria Young Catholics Facebook Page:

Occupy Adoration

They did ask permission for using the photo, which was good of them; I've seen some of my photos pop up on websites, some videos, and even a textbook without my permission :-/

Here's the original picture on Flickr.

While I'm no great fan of the #occupy movement, I wholeheartedly agree that occupying your local Eucharistic Adoration chapel would be a very worthy cause. Save your own soul, and save the world!


Hat tip to The Forum, for the following from Arizona [Catholic Sun]:

Plans are underway in the Diocese of Phoenix to implement new local norms for the distribution of Holy Communion that will bring the local Church in line with universal Church guidelines.

As a result, the Precious Blood will not be offered at every Sunday Mass, but instead be reserved for special occasions, left to the determination of each parish pastor.

The change will bring local Catholic celebration of the Eucharist into union with the practice of the faithful around the world. Receiving Communion under both kinds is uncommon in most countries.

"What many people don't realize is that we've had experimental privileges," said Fr. Kieran Kleczewski, executive director of the Office of Worship. "We're now under the same norms as the Church in the rest of the world."

Archdiocese of St. Louis' Eucharistic Video

One of the final projects I was working on, but did not get to see grow into completion, while I was working with the Archdiocese of St. Louis was the Archdiocese's 2011 Eucharistic Congress. I actually did very little of the work involved in getting the website and video ready for the congress, but was privileged to work with some extraordinarily talented Catholics on both projects.

First, take in this great video (which will likely be passed around a bit in the days ahead!):

Planning for a Wedding...

Crucifix - Kenrick-Glennon involved, to say the least.

It's just a few days until the 'big' day, when Natalie and I will become 'Mr. and Mrs. Geerling,' and I'm excited! It's been a thrilling year, and though things can be stressful (for both parties) at times, it's all worth it. I will get to share my entire life with one of God's most beautiful daughters, and someday (God-willing), pass it on to my beautiful children! It will be a life full of hard work, personal sacrifice, and devoted prayer.

As I am approaching the Wedding Liturgy, I am seeing more and more the connection between the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Marriage—most especially the sacrificial and life-giving love that Jesus has exemplified on the crucifix, and the sacrificial and life-giving love that I will soon get to share with my wife!

Spirit & Truth - Archbishop Robert Carlson

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson closes Eucharistic Adoration at Spirit and Truth.

The image above was taken at Spirit and Truth St. Louis' Thursday night Benediction, this week with Archbishop Robert J. Carlson (Archbishop of Saint Louis, MO).

Spirit and Truth is a community of young adults (there are many of them in the United States) focused on building life-giving relationships through study of Sacred Scripture, discussion of relevant issues, and, most centrally, through the worship of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. You can read more about Spirit and Truth St. Louis on their website.