Archdiocese of St. Louis' Eucharistic Video

One of the final projects I was working on, but did not get to see grow into completion, while I was working with the Archdiocese of St. Louis was the Archdiocese's 2011 Eucharistic Congress. I actually did very little of the work involved in getting the website and video ready for the congress, but was privileged to work with some extraordinarily talented Catholics on both projects.

First, take in this great video (which will likely be passed around a bit in the days ahead!):

Now, check out the Congress' website. A friend and former co-worker from the Archdiocese, Ben G., did a ton of work to get the jQuery on that page working just-so, and he deserves many kudos for his work—it looks and flows great... and even works great on the iPad and iPhone! (Yay to no Flash!).

I hope the Archdiocese of St. Louis and other dioceses can continue to produce beautiful, professional, and inspiring content like this. (Hopefully the Congress itself goes well, too!).

P.S. Also, check out my more technical writeup over at Open Source Catholic.


Jeff, are you in that video? I'm thinking of the guy walking into adoration and kneeling down (from behind).

I was actually out of town for much of the filming of the video (unfortunately), so I'm not in any of the clips. I didn't even get to help by bringing my Nikon D7000 into the mix (this entire thing was filmed with that camera—awesome!).