The Mass, Explained by an App

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The Mass Explained App for iPad looks like a pretty awesome app ("coming soon") from Agnus, LLC. I haven't seen the app in action (just screenshots), but even if it's just a bunch of static pages like an interactive book, it looks like the content is high-quality:

iPad Mass Explained App

I really hope the app function as good as it looks. If so, I think this would be a good template for other similar apps explaining sacraments, sacramentals, the Rosary, prayer, saints, the Vatican, etc.

Basically take encyclopedic knowledge of a Catholic subject, and marry that with some great illustrations, images, and 3D models, and make a very nice interactive app or iBook. I would buy the whole series!


I am an educator looking to find a solution to shoot video and audio of student teacher lessons. We just purchased IPAD IIIs. Great video, but I need to isolate the teachers voice for the audio with that video. I purchased a blue tooth device, it just gives me output. I need isolated audio input into an IPAD video. (wireless to boot, the teacher will be walking around). Any guidance you can give would be appreciated. cz

Your best bet is to get a good wireless mic and the appropriate adapter—see the "For wireless mobility and great quality" section on my iPhone mics page.