Please Pray for Us...

Jeff Carries Natalie over Threshold we are newly married! We'll be heading off to our honeymoon for the next week, but I guarantee there will be some great blog posts soon thereafter. Natalie and I are so excited to share some of the process of preparing for our wedding and our marriage in the coming months, both here, and on our wedding website,


Love this pic. Didn't know you had that much upper body strength. :) Beautiful wedding. So happy for you guys. XXXOOO

Your design for the chroma key stand is moronic. It cannot hold anything. I went thru 12 pieces of 10 feet pvc. What a waste of time money and energy. GOD BLESS YOU! but stay out of helping people.

What a sweet way to congratulate someone on their wedding:( This probably would have been better placed under another entry, but you are a self-proclaimed moron, so...

You guys look great together! Congratulations! I've been married for a year and a half now and I must say it is such a blessing from God... learning to live with someone else and put their needs before your own can be hard work at times but I don't know if anything is so rewarding! God Bless you and your new life together.

Aww! What a cute couple. Congratulatons! God bless both of you now, and forever and forever.