Two weeks from now... [marriage]

...I'll be a married man!

In the next few months, my beloved fiancée and I will be writing a few stories about our engagement and marriage preparation, as well as some of the awesome highlights of our preparation for our actual wedding and reception.

We might have a 'special section' on this site for marriage-related topics (you can already read through some marriage-related posts here), or we might set up shop on a different site... whatever the case, we would both appreciate any prayers you can spare for our marriage, and we will be sure to keep all of you in our prayers as well!


My sons (9 and 12) have really enjoyed following your various videos through the years, and learn a lot from the LOLSaints site. They are new Catholic Car Wash devotees, too! Through your pages, I got to know your engagement story, and have read it many times to them as an example of a good, holy start to marriage. (They are also open to attending seminary as a way to discern where they are called, in part through your example.) They just started working on their first collaborative video project, a three minute short called "Rise Up, O Men of God" to inspire dads in our parish to turn to the Blessed Mother to guide their families (have all the raw footage now, and just beginning editing). You don't know us "from Adam," but I did want to share with you how using your gifts for computer, video, photography, and your great knowledge gleaned from your seminary years (courageous! thank you for saying yes to that). We (family of four) will be offering our communions for you and your lovely bride on Oct. 2 at our First Saturday Mass. We wish you both all the best, and may God bless your marriage!