Crohn's Disease takes its toll - back in 2023!

After battling IBD complications through the summer and fall, I've come to a point where surgery is necessary. You can learn more about my health issues in my lighthearted book about Crohn's Disease, You Only Have Crohn's Once!.

The surgery (an ostomy revision) will take place tomorrow, December 2, and it'll be a pretty rough recovery, so I'm not planning on doing any substantial work until at least 2023.

It's ironic I had just given a presentation titled Just Say No: Staying sane while you maintain weeks before learning the surgery was necessary. I was planning a video on the topic (burnout, protecting your time, and open source maintainership) this year, but I guess the blog post will have to do.

I have plenty of fun tech and software I want to highlight here and on YouTube (some of it detailed in my video embedded below), but for now it's all on the shelf waiting until my strength returns:

Have a great holiday this year, and—barring any complications—I'll see you in January!


I hope you have a great surgery and a fast and full recovery. I love your videos. See you in 2023!

Take care! Hope for a swift recovery (from a Belgian follower/reader, yes you're going global 😉👊).

Get well. Stay healthy. We are all pulling for you. Stay strong.

Stay strong and have a quick recovery! It’s definitely not easy. Sending you love.

Jeff, wishing for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!

I hope everything goes as well as it can for you. You are probably a stronger person than I am.

Good luck Jeff.
Been there / done that (twice), main op then resiting stoma.
Hope you're out for Christmas.

Thinking about you today and praying for a speedy full recovery. Thank you for all you do, your content is top-shelf!

Keep strong Jeff! We'll all still be here when recover!

Gonna miss your videos. I'm building the Pi USB camera now.

Take all the time you need. We can wait.

Get well soon Jeff and best wishes from Paris, could let the Belgians get all the credit for being international (it's a historical thing) If you're bored you can always add a new chapter in your book. Fingers crossed that life improves after surgery.

Best of luck, and a speedy recovery.

My father was a surgeon, and HE always said
"Never let anyone cut on you until you absolutely need it"

But we get to that point sometimes. I'm loking at a knee replacement myswlf.

This is me sending positive thoughts your way, Jeff.
I'm looking forward to more of your blog articles in the new year.
Focus on healing up until then.

Wish you and your body strength to go through with it and come out on top! You're one of the reasons, YT is great.

best wishes for a quick recovery, get well soon!

Hope the surgery goes well. Looking forward to more content! :)


I discovered your channel during the lockdown and I’ve enjoyed every video. I especially liked the one you did with your dad.

Get well soon!

Stay well and recover as soon as possible, bro ! ☺️