Summary Post on Catholic New Media Convention in Boston, MA

CNMC MMX - August 2010[UPDATE: The Archdiocese of St. Louis now has an immense post with more links, pictures, quotes, etc. View it here.]

This year's CNMC MMX (Catholic New Media Convention 2010) was bigger and better than last year's convention; the venue had excellent WiFi access, there were even more Catholic media/new media representatives, and the atmosphere was generally more lively and exciting (mostly due to the great number of amazing people).

Here are some of the highlights from the convention, and links to more pictures and information:

Here are some other wrap-up posts and CNMC writings:


Know exactly how you feel. At the first CNMC I got to sit with Mark Shea and Amy Welborne on the blogging panel.

Glad you posted the video since while I had watched the CNMC live on USTREAM during the morning I missed the afternoon sessions.

By the way...did you use PowerPoint or Keynote for these slides? Thanks.