Heading off to NY!

Jeff and Natalie in the Airport

...thus begins our trip to New York City. (Posted from my iPad :-).


Have a great trip - thought you'd enjoy this -

There is nothing like going back to a place where friendships abound. I think that is why I seem to come back to O once a year or once every two years.

This time was no exception. On Sunday evening, on mother’s day, my friends gathered at a common house, the house that I was staying the night at. I love seeing my friends grow in their families. The Es have 4 children, the As have 5, the Ms have 2, the Ps have 5, another family had 3, and some others are just starting. Imagine what one house filled with friends and these youngsters was like! Talk about energy!!!!

The next day, I hung out with Sister A and Sister M. I celebrated Mass with them, I had lunch with them, and had a great conversation. That evening, I went to a farm house, where another one of my friends was just starting his family. A third came over to tell us his wonderful story of his 30 day silent retreat and his decision to leave the seminary. I predict that he will be married within 18 months. (Those who discern well in seminary and decide to leave with peace in their hearts, tend to jump into married life!)

Once again, I am so thankful to our Lord for giving me this opportunity to hang out with good friends and people that I care for deeply.

Rejoice, I say it again, Rejoice!

Wow! That's pretty awesome; hope he finds a beautiful wife... kinda like I have :-)