Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera - YouTube Video Series

Today I posted the first episode of a new series on the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera.

Raspberry Pi HQ Camera with Tamron 8mm C-mount lens

I plan on releasing a number of videos in the series covering how to use the HQ camera in various settings, like for astrophotography, nature photography and video, as a webcam or for streaming, for time-lapse photography, and for general photography.

I'll be updating this post with all the videos as I publish them:

Episode 1 - Intro to Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

Summary: The HQ Camera is a great improvement over the older Camera Module v2, for less than twice the price. It can be used for video or photography, and with the right technique and lenses, you can get very good quality images.

Episode 2 - TBD

Coming soon!


There is the CinePi 2k project, which allows shooting raw video on the Raspberry Pi HQ camera! In theory, it should also be capable of shooting HDR video, but I haven't seen anyone succeed with it yet.