Dancing Baby (Illustration)

NFP Dancing Baby

Creighton model NFP students will recognize the dancing baby above. I am starting work on a project related to NFP, and I was in need of the image. So, being handy in Illustrator, I snapped a shot of my fiancée's chart, zoomed in on one of the dancing baby stickers, and hand-traced the lines in Illustrator.

I might clean it up a little more sometime, but for now, this will do. After a second glance, it almost looks like a cage-fighting baby. Hmm...


Love it! NFP is under-communicated, under-marketed, and misunderstood by most people. Anything to get the word out!!!

Love the method, but I wish we had had more time with it before we got married. Just getting used to it would have been useful. As it is, we won't need to worry about charting until August or so... :)