Review: Truffol Autograph Fusion iPhone 6 case

Jeff's Rating: 5/5

tl;dr: The first time I've put a case on my iPhone—and kept it on after a week!

I have always disliked iPhone cases. I've owned every iPhone since the beginning, and have never used a case; instead of a case, I kept the phone in a holster case on my left hip.

Every once in a while, I tried a new case, but returned it to the store within a day or two. There were always too many tradeoffs in terms of usability with docks and different headphone and dock plugs, and most cases made the phone harder to hold and use.

iPhone 6 Truffol Autograph Fusion case

Truffol contacted me and asked if I'd like to review their Autograph Fusion iPhone 6 case for the new iPhone 6, and I was intrigued. With the iPhone 6's size, it's the first time a 'wallet' case could actually work without adding much to the bulk of my iPhone (with older models, the wallet made the phone very awkward to hold and use, and would require that I pocket the phone instead of use a holster).

The way this case is assembled makes it much more trim than any other case I've used—it has a leather back that adheres to the phone, then a clasping mechanism that locks an aluminum ring around the phone and holds in the leather back. It's a little hard to describe, and it does take about 5-10 minutes to really get it all together, but it works great.

Rather than write a quick review after using the case for a week or so (like most reviewers would do), I didn't start this review until a few months after acquiring the case. As with other Truffol products, the design and fit and finish were a little different than many similar products from similar manufacturers, and since an iPhone case is (to me) a very personal product purchase, I wanted to give the case a fair shake.

iPhone 6 Truffol Autograph Fusion case packaging
Even the packaging is a cut above most other product packaging for iPhone accessories.

If nothing else gives a good indication that this is a great case, it's this: I am still using it today, and have no plans of taking it off!

Features and fit

The headline feature of this case is the integrated two-card-slot wallet on the back. For me, this is the perfect mix of form vs. functionality. Limiting the wallet to two cards (with an open middle underneath the card holder, so you can tuck an emergency third card or a few bills inside) is perfect—I keep my drivers' license and credit card in the two slots, and for 95%+ of the time, that's all I need with me.

iPhone 6 Truffol Autograph Fusion case - on my iPhone 6
No noticeable deterioration after three months on my iPhone 6.

I have literally stopped carrying my wallet, except on the rare occasion I have to bring extra cards/other items for shopping. And with Apple Pay being accepted at more and more places (I just found that my local grocer is accepting Apple Pay now!), I'll soon be able to get by on one card and a couple business cards, maybe!

Other than that, the flat, minimal design complements the iPhone 6 perfectly, and matches the aluminum on the iPhone itself perfectly. At a quick glance, you won't even notice the case from the front or sides. All the buttons work great, the seams all line up perfectly... it's a really well-built case.


There are two main flaws with this case, both of which are not enough to take off a star, but enough to mention:

  • The card slots are a little tight, and do require two-handed use to remove cards. After a couple weeks, I have the process down; I pull up the card holder in the middle with one hand, and pinch and pull out the card with the other.
  • The teensy gap on the front side, between the aluminum case and the edge of the iPhone 6 glass, catches a hair every so often when I pull the phone away from my head.

Neither of these flaws is major enough to make me stop using this case, as the extreme convenience of never carrying a wallet again is worth it to me—especially with a case that looks very nice (from the front/sides, at least... how it looks from the back depends on what cards you have in it!).

The Truffol Autograph Fusion case for iPhone 6 is available on the Truffol store for $24.99.


Six months later, the leather part is still affixed to my phone; I dropped the phone on the latch corner a couple months ago, and that bent the metal in a way that made it impossible to get back on my phone securely. I thought that would be the end of this case... but then I realized I like the case even better without the metal rim around my phone.

Like I said in the review, I've never used a case on my iPhone before, and using just the leather back on this case is the best of both worlds—my iPhone sits flat on a surface, I have a storage slot for the two cards I need when I travel, and the iPhone maintains it's beautiful and easy-to-hold side profile!