Continuous Testing with Molecule, Ansible, and GitHub Actions

The earlier you catch defects,
the cheaper they are to fix.

– David Farley

Earlier today, I presented a session at AnsibleFest 2020 titled 'Continuous Testing with Molecule, Ansible, and GitHub Actions'. I also pre-recorded the session so I could share it on my YouTube channel, and for your convenience, the video is embedded below:

The presentation uses an example and explanation from Chapter 13 in my book, Ansible for DevOps.

Slides from the session are also available on SlideShare.


Hi Jeff!
Thanks for this video (and all the great work around ansible/raspberry/k8s/etc.).

I may be wrong but, you might need to specify the molecule version (it should be from the 3.0 branch, 3.0.8 I guess is the latest). With the latest version from 3.1 branch (3.1.3) this does not work anymore and gives:
ERROR: Failed to pre-validate.
{'driver': [{'name': ['unallowed value docker']}]}



When installing Molecule with pip, you now need to define the docker driver specifically:

pip3 install molecule[docker]

That is a very recent change that was made a couple days ago.