Sync a Shared Google Calendar with macOS, OS X, iOS (iPhone, iPad), or CalDav

2018 Update: Sadly, this is still the correct way to get syncing working.
2019 Update: Still true.
2020 Update: Sigh.

Someone shared a Google Calendar with me recently, and it showed up at just fine. However, I could not see the shared events on my Mac (using Calendar) or on my iPhone or iPad (using the Calendar app).

To fix this, I had to visit directly, and check the shared calendar, then save the settings.

I'm posting this here because after spending an hour or so digging around all the Google Calendar settings online and settings on my Mac and iPhone, I finally found that link in some random forum post (nowhere to be found in Google's help docs!), and I don't want to forget how to manage shared calendar sync! Even using the iCal feed for the shared calendar didn't work.


Perfect. Now my shared google calendar events show on my apple watch.

Holy crap thank you!! So frustrating to search for days to fix this problem- you deserve public recognition.

You nailed it like a hole in one. This should be the first result in any search engine for "How do I add a shared Google calendar to iCal?" with no additional search results. Google only needs your answer. Google does not need 506,000 other results that didn't answer my question.

Muchas gracias

Still relevant... Sigh. Indeed. Thanks a lot.

I have never found an easier solution to my question on the internet! Thank you!!!!

Internet would simply not work without people like you. Thank you!!

Thank you so much!! 😀 I was searching forever!

Thank you so much for this....I searched for days to figure out how to do this. Much appreciated!