Quickie: Universal Access for Easier Mac Use

Many a Mac user has never set foot into the realm of the "Universal Access" System Preference pane, and I believe that's a shame. There are so many useful, and, dare I say, awesome things you can do in that area of System Preferences:

Universal Access in System Preferences - Black on White

And a quick guide to some of the coolest features:

  • VoiceOver: Altogether not very 'fun,' but can be useful for those with poor eyesight.
  • Zoom: On by default, you can hold down the control key on your keyboard than scroll up or down with your Mac's mouse. Can actually be really helpful to everyone—disabled or not!
  • Display: Wanna have fun with a Mac user? Switch this to 'White on Black,' and tell your friend his screen got stuck in X-ray mode!
  • Hearing: Instead of having an alert sound, you can set your screen to flash (but this can also induce epileptic seizures, so be careful!).
  • Keyboard - Slow Keys: Another good april fools idea for certain Mac users... it will only accept a keystroke after the key is held down! (Of course, it is also helpful for people with muscle disorders).
  • Mouse - Cursor Size: Want your mouse to look like it ate a Super Mario Bros. mushroom? Drag that slider all the way to the right!


very nice jeff i swich my mac from black on white to white on black and my background picture was priceless thanks for the laugh jeff and great new site!!!

Tom - thanks for the accolade, and yes, it is sometimes quite interesting what you see when you go into 'x-ray mode'!