DrupalCamp St. Louis 2015 finished, session videos available online!

DrupalCamp St. Louis 2015 was held this past weekend, June 20-21, 2015, at SLU LAW in downtown St. Louis. We had nine sessions and a great keynote on Saturday, and a full sprint day on Sunday.

DrupalCamp St. Louis 2015 Registration
The view coming off the elevators at SLU LAW.

Every session was recorded (slides + audio), and you can view all the sessions online:

The Camp went very well, with almost sixty participants this year! We had a great time, learned a lot together, and enjoyed some great views of downtown St. Louis (check out the picture below!), and we can't wait until next year's DrupalCamp St. Louis (to be announced)!

PS Thug Life St. Louis - Jeff Geerling and Mike Ryan
A candid shot of myself and Mike Ryan, 'the Drupal Migrate guy' who lives near St. Louis.

High Performance Drupal

geerlingguy delivers presentation on High Performance Drupal at DrupalCamp St. Louis 2015
Yours truly, talking about Drupal and Performance.

I delivered a session titled High Performance Drupal, going over performance planning, benchmarking, and easy performance wins. You can click the link in the previous line to see more details, watch the session video on YouTube, or view the slides from the presentation on SlideShare.

Check out more from DrupalCamp St. Louis 2015 on the official camp website: DrupalCamp St. Louis 2015.