Ansible for DevOps - available now!

Ansible is a simple, but powerful, server and configuration management tool. Ansible for Devops is a book I wrote to teach you to use Ansible effectively, whether you manage one server—or thousands.

Ansible for DevOps cover - Book by Jeff Geerling

I've spent a lot of time working with Ansible and Drupal over the past couple years, culminating in projects like Drupal VM (a VM for local Drupal development) and the Raspberry Pi Dramble (a cluster of Raspberry Pi computers running Drupal 8, powering I've also given multiple presentations on Ansible and Drupal, like a session at DrupalCon Austin, a session at MidCamp earlier this year, and a BoF at DrupalCon LA.

Ansible for DevOps includes a few different examples of Drupal deployments specifically, and many examples pertaining to LAMP-based infrastructure management. In the next few months, I'm finally going to publish posts I've had in the wings about using Ansible for Drupal infrastructure management, beginning with one of my simplest and most fun projects, the Drupal Pi.

Check for it soon on Drupal Planet!

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