Whoa! Google Using Drupal's Breadcrumbs?

It would seem Google has rolled out a new indexing/display feature that finds breadcrumbs and displays them instead of URLs for certain search results. Drupal's already game, it seems, judging by numerous searches I've taken a glance at today:

Drupal's Breadcrumb-enabled Search Results

I guess since Drupal's built towards this kind of data heirarchy, Google quickly and easily indexes the breadcrumbs... any other sites/CMSs already in the index in this manner?

Also, I wonder what this will do in terms of eye tracking and such - the first time I noticed it, my eye went to the URL immediately - of course, that could just be due to the novelty of the thing.


Whoa, it's "whoa," not "woah."

Thanks for the tidbit.

Duly noted, and corrected - sorry about that!

Seems Google is improving their search results all the time. And I thought that angient looking search never improves with in time. What next, working hovering menus from those breadcrumbs.

I hope that spammer sites and others don't get that menu option too. Seems like you can't see the actual url anymore from that result at all?


This really is an amazing new feature. I was looking for a module and came across an issue report on that module. This is the breadcrumb Google provices:

drupal.org › ... › Modules › [module] › Issues

So you can go straight to the module's project page instead of going tot he issue and then using the d.o breadcrumb.